Indian Queens Panto
Ali Baba 2017
In the heat of the desert, thieves and outlaws are ravaging a town and its Sultan, Mustapha Leikh , and his loyal bodyguard, Reggie Mental, don't know what to do! However, the thieves aren't just after the town's valuables: rumour has it that hidden somewhere in  Indian Queensabah is a map to the Secret Tomb of Tutankhamun where riches beyond your wildest dreams can be found, as well as the Ultimate Power - a weapon of legend! The leader of the thieves, Omar Gosh, and his henchmen will stop at nothing to get this Ultimate Power for themselves to conquer Indian Queensabah and then the world!

Ali Baba lives and works in the local washporium with his mother, Lucy Lastic, and his crazy brother Rhum Baba, who thinks that the little monsters talk to him.  Along with Diggory and Doug, two visiting achaeologists, and Princess Poppy, the Sultans daughter, they accidentally stumble across the map to the secret tomb, which takes them on an adventure involving nasty thieves, snake charming, underpants washing, fish slapping, amateur gymnastics, genies in magic lamps, a mummy's curse, little monsters and even an old farting camel called Frieda!

Welcome to Indian Queensabah...

What our audience said...

"We had so much fun watching it, once again... my face always hurts from laughing so much!"

"It was bloody brilliant I've never laughed so much, yet another fantastic panto!"

"It was brilliant! Well done!"

"Fabulous show guys!! Myself, mum and my lil boy loved every minute."
"Congratulations everyone fantastic script, actors, singers, musicians, dancers, jokes, costumes, scenery and not forgetting the do our villages proud!"

"And you didn't disappoint - it was brilliant we had a fantastic afternoon!"

Brilliant panto today. Really enjoyed it! Well done everyone!!"

"First time coming to the pantomime today, absolutely loved it! Absolutely bloody brilliant!"
"Great show last night folks... thank you!"

"Saw the panto tonight, well done to each and every one of you, what a show, thoroughly enjoyed it, keep up the good work x"

"Excellent performance tonight, loved every minute of it!"

"I freaking loved tonight's show! Had me laughing all the way through, great work everyone!"
"Another fantastic evening at the Indian Queens panto! We haven't laughed that much in ages!!!"

"My favourite panto yet!!! Well done everyone, absolutely fantastic, looking forward to coming to see it again on Saturday!"

"Had a great night at the panto...well was brilliant!"

"Well done everyone. Another funny, energetic performance from everyone."

Pictures from the show...