Indian Queens Panto
Cinderella 2018
​Deep in the Queensonian Jungle, in the animal sanctuary founded by her father, Cinderella is treated as a slave by her cruel step-mother, Lady Nausea Asphyxia, and her two ugly step-sisters, Flora and Fauna. Just before he died, Cinderella's father gave her a small tree and told her to plant it when she was ready to run the sanctuary herself. However, with no will to be found, Lady Nausea Asphyxia inherited the land and whilst Cinderella and her friend Buttons are forced to work hard to keep the sanctuary going, her step-family live the life of luxury. Now the money has been spent Lady Nausea has come up with a plan to leave this disgusting, filthy jungle for good - she's selling the land to Woody Cutter, a greedy business man intent on having his lumberjacks chop down every tree, leaving the animals of the jungle homeless. Things seem hopeless for Cinderella and her animal friends until Jungle Jim, prince of the jungle, swings by to deliver the invites for the Jungle Ball where he will be choosing his future wife! Cinderella and Jim instantly fall for each other but there's no way her step-mother and step-sisters will let her go to that ball! However, the Witch Doctor of the local cannibal tribe may have something to say about that! Chameleons, tigers, squirrels, gorillas, cannibals and more come together in an adventure which gives a new fresh twist on the well-loved fairy tale. Will Cinderella go to the ball? Will she find her one, true love? Will she save the animal sanctuary and the tress of the jungle? There's only one way to find out - join us as CINDERELLA GOES WILD!

Welcome to the jungle...

What our audience said...

Well done all at Indian Queens. Cinderella as you have never seen it before. Wow what a finale. Great work!
Shane G.

Fantastic panto Indian Queens very funny with lots of comedy WELL DONE!
Ivor J

Indian Queens.....brilliant show. Great characters. Especially Sammy the squirrel, Timmy the tiger and Colin the Chameleon!
Christopher K.

Well done to you all, fantastic show, loved every minute, you have all worked so hard and it paid off. Just brilliant!
Shell B

Had a great time at the panto today. Loved it, especially Colin the chameleon.
Kimberley D.

Congratulations on another fantastic pantomime. Great script with important underlying issue, great job on casting, fab characters, dancers, singers and can't forget the fab lighting effects this year.
Carla M.

You were all amazing, fab panto!
Dani A.

Great panto guys, we had a good laugh!
Kirsty G.
Well done to everyone involved in Indian Queens Panto! We enjoyed watching tonight!
Sarah O.

Fantastic panto, well deserved applause for such an enjoyable evening and many congratulations to all involved for making it such a great production!
Julie P.

Fantastic show tonight guys! Well done!
Helen B.

Was so amazing tonight! Well done everyone!
Caitlin A.
Really enjoyed the panto this evening. Well done to everyone involved!
Beth W.

Brilliant show, well done to all involved!
Lisa V.

Well done Indian Queens. A great show. Really enjoyed the older chorus singing near the end and the ballet dancers dancing. Cast were brilliant too of course!
Sabrina B.

Had a fab time at Indian Queens Panto tonight! Well done everyone!
Steve P. 

Photos from the show...