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Our wonderful pantomimes take up a huge amount of time throughout the year but that doesn't stop us from organising lots of fun events for our community to enjoy! Whether it be panto auditions, the terrifying Halloween Haunted House, the magical Christmas Fayre or our FLIX Community Cinema then the fun never stops with Indian Queens Pantomime Society! Keep checking this website, our Twitter feed and our Facebook page to keep up to date on all the latest news, event and crazy fun we all expect!

Are you ready to climb the Beanstalk in our 2019 panto?

The Haunted House opens its doors again for Halloween

On Saturday 27th October 2018 the infamous Indian Queens Panto Haunted House opens its doors once again to terrify and excite in equal measure! 

The evening will be split into 2 parts; allowing everyone in the community the chance to come along and join in with the fun:
  • 5pm - 6pm  for children and those faint of heart! - Come and enjoy the spooky atmosphere, explore the haunted environments we create and join in with the fun and laughter! A more relaxed experience for all who enter...
  • 7pm - 9pm suitable for 12 years plus and the bravest of people only! - At 7pm our Haunted House becomes populated by the horrifying and deranged, creating a terrifying experience for all those who dare enter. Will you be brave enough to face the horrors? Will you ever get out again? Will you ever be the same again if you do? 
Refreshments will be available during the opening times and so you're more than welcome to just come and join us to sit down, enjoy a nice cake and laugh and the terrified screams which emerge from within...

Don't forget to dress up and get your own back by scaring us!


The cast list for our 2019 pantomime of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' by Jonathon Tucker has now been announced! If you're a member of our society then please head over to our 'Member's Area' to learn more! Anyone else, you'll have to wait a little bit longer to see what roles we have in our exciting new panto!

Cinderella 2018 Panto Week Begins

We finally come to our latest panto week - Cinderella 2018! The cast and crew have been working so hard to give the best show possible and we can't wait to share it with our audiences across the next week! Tickets are selling out fast so don't miss out on Cinderella Goes Wild! 

​Deep in the Queensonian Jungle, in the animal sanctuary founded by her father, Cinderella is treated as a slave by her cruel step-mother, Lady Nausea Asphyxia, and her two ugly step-sisters, Flora and Fauna. Just before he died, Cinderella's father gave her a small tree and told her to plant it when she was ready to run the sanctuary herself. However, with no will to be found, Lady Nausea Asphyxia inherited the land and whilst Cinderella and her friend Buttons are forced to work hard to keep the sanctuary going, her step-family live the life of luxury. Now the money has been spent Lady Nausea has come up with a plan to leave this disgusting, filthy jungle for good - she's selling the land to Woody Cutter, a greedy business man intent on having his lumberjacks chop down every tree, leaving the animals of the jungle homeless. Things seem hopeless for Cinderella and her animal friends until Jungle Jim, prince of the jungle, swings by to deliver the invites for the Jungle Ball where he will be choosing his future wife! Cinderella and Jim instantly fall for each other but there's no way her step-mother and step-sisters will let her go to that ball! However, the Witch Doctor of the local cannibal tribe may have something to say about that! Chameleons, tigers, squirrels, gorillas, cannibals and more come together in an adventure which gives a new fresh twist on the well-loved fairy tale. Will Cinderella go to the ball? Will she find her one, true love? Will she save the animal sanctuary and the tress of the jungle? There's only one way to find out - join us as CINDERELLA GOES WILD!

Indian Queens Carnival

On Saturday 29th July, the panto society are taking part in the Indian Queens Carnival! We would love for as many members as possible to come along and join in the fun! Our theme is 'Panto Wacky Races' and the idea is to wear any costume you would like and make a matching car to wear and race around the streets! If you need a costume then our costume room is full of fun things to choose from! We will be meeting the previous Sunday to give people a chance to come together and have some fun creating their cars in the hall but if you can't make that don't worry, you can do it at home and still join us on the day!

For more information please contact one of the committee members, ask your question on Facebook or fill out the contact form on this website.

Cast of Cinderella 2018 announced!

After the auditions on Sunday 2nd July, we have announced the cast of Cinderella which will be performing in February 2018! Once again we have a hugely talented group of people taking the stage in what we hope will be our best panto yet! More information will come regarding the plot (it's still being written!) but let's just give you a clue: there's going to be an awful lot of monkey business in this panto!

Queens panto in the community

Here at Queens Panto we love being part of the community and we are always looking to give something back! On the Sunday before our panto week began, we invited the elderly members of our local area to come to our community performance and enjoy the 'full pantomime experience'. This is where they and their carers watch the pantomime, get a program, are given a winning raffle ticket, have tea and biscuits and enjoy an ice cream at half time - all for free! For those in our community who couldn't make the trip to the hall to join in with the fun, we went to them! Our 'Panto in a Box' contains a DVD of the pantomime and everything else we could fit in so they don't miss out on anything! 

We also hold our over 50's film showings at our FLIX community cinema. At these people can enjoy an afternoon film and a cream tea - all for just 50p per person! Contact us for details!

We are best panto 2016 at the Pantomime Awards Evening

Indian Queens has a successful evening at the awards!
The 1st Clay Village Pantomime Awards took place on Saturday 9th April and Indian Queens Pantomime Society had a brilliant evening!  We won 7 awards out of the 11 which we were nominated for! These were:
  • Winner  - Best Pantomime 2016
  • Winner - Best Dame,  Simon Rowe
  • Winner - Best Principle Boy, Noah Humphries
  • Winner - Best choreography, Judith May
  • Winner - Best Supporting Actor, Ben Peters
  • Winner - Best Comedy
  • Winner - Best Staging
  • Nominated - Best Principal Girl, Kate Francis
  • Nominated - Best Musical Number, Karen Crane and the band
  • Nominated - Best Costumes 
  • Nominated - Best Junior, Ben Peters
A huge well done to the whole society for our success! Every award we won is down to our family all working hard and having a great time together! These awards are a huge cherry on the cake after a wonderful panto this year! We would like to thank the organisers for their hard work to put on such a wonderful evening and well done to all the other pantomimes - you are all amazing!

Training with Indian Queens Panto

We are proud that we have been offering some training courses in partnership with Awards For All. These courses are available to Indian Queens Pantomime Society members for free and to non-members at a cost of £10 per person. Some courses we have run are:
  • First Aid at Work Level 1
  • Food Hygiene Level 1
  • Sound and Lighting Course
If you have any interest in the above courses then please email for more information or use the 'Contact Us' section of the website.

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Queens Panto are off to the panto...of St Enoder!! Nice to sit back and relax and let someone else do the work haha.
Feb 18, 2018
Tickets booked for our society to watch St Enoder panto next week. Always good to support our friends at nearby shoes! :)

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A big thanks from us for our funding!

Show must go on as panto's lights go out!

A pantomime group in Indian Queens proved 'the show must go on' last week. Indian Queens Pantomime Society performed Snow White to hundreds of people last week, with their Wednesday evening show blighted with electricity problems.
The power went as the cast were getting ready and having their make-up done, around half an hour before the performance. With the sold-out audience of around 150 people already coming, the dedicated cast decided the show had to go on. One member went to the local garage and purchased torches - others popped home to get more. The pantomime then went ahead with cast members wearing head torches, and members of the audience pointing torches at the stage.
Director Simon Rowe said: "Kernow Party Karts lent us their generator which we attached to the band, so we had music. We are really thankful to them!" "Basically the show went on with members of the society and public holding torches pointed at the stage while we did the show!" "It truly was a great example of a community coming together and showing that something like a storm and no power can't stop the Queens Panto!"
Newquay Voice
Wednesday 12th February 2014