Indian Queens Panto
Rapunzel 2016
​When a young girl called Lucy goes to bed listening to the story of Rapunzel, her imagination runs wild and her toys come to life to take part in the fairytale! Through this we meet Galahad, a brave knight who’s down-in-the-dumps since his girlfriend, Gwendoline, ran off with the evil King Richard. However, Gwen won’t stop comparing the king to her old boyfriend and on a visit to Lego City the King hatches an evil plan to get rid of Galahad once and for all! He kidnaps Rapunzel’s parents and forces her to lie to Galahad and lead him to his death… With the help of a useless cowboy, an overly positive rainbow doll, a depressed robot, an action-man fairy and a few crazy pirates, Galahad will face off against King Richard, his dinosaur bodyguard called Gareth, a French chef and a forgetful witch. Which toy will come out on top? Only one way to find out…

If I were not in pantomime...

What our audience said...

"I would just like to say a massive thank you and huge well done to the Indian Queens Panto Society... we went to see Rapunzel on Sunday and it was such a good show! We were sat right at the front and we all loved it. We also went along last year and watched Dracula Spectacular and that was great too. I will be going every year. And if any of you get a chance to go, not only are those talented people great on stage (and backstage) they are all so lovely, friendly and helpful off stage... I absolutely recommend it! Thanks to all that took part in the show. Just brilliant."
Bonnie A

"You were all amazing tonight, well done to everyone for a brilliant show, we loved it"
Shell B

"Absolutely fantastic!! You guys are all amazing!! My granddaughter and I had the best afternoon!! Loved it!!"
Jeanie L

"Loved the show last night it was brill. Well done to you all."
Zietel P

"Thoroughly enjoyed the show this afternoon with my grandchildren - you guys are good!"
Janet G

"Well done you amazing lot! You were all fantastic and my family and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you perform. I now have "if I were not in pantomime" stuck in my head. That was brilliantly done....well done again for a great panto!"
Samantha L
"Well done guys, that was an awesome performance. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
Adrian M

"Great show, fab energy, loads of laughs!"
Melanie J

"Well done everyone, another brilliant show!"
Carla M

"Well done Queens panto, I must say what a fantastic show!!! Well done to you all!!!"
Sharon O